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Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

The Board of Trustees for West Glacier Elementary has adopted three statements that outline the school's mission, philosophy, and vision.


The community, parents, and staff of West Glacier Elementary are committed to creating an environment that encourages continual growth socially, academically, and personally. This partnership will use challenging and engaging curriculum that focuses on each individual child, enabling them to become responsible, respectful, and successful students and citizens; and to encourage them to become life-long learners.


West Glacier Elementary, through a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment, empowers and challenges every child to reach their greatest potential by providing a diverse and dynamic curriculum.


The focal point of West Glacier Elementary is the student. The Board of Trustees will provide leadership to create, maintain, and improve the school for the children's educational needs, guided by the conviction that every student has the right to the best education this community can provide. Responsibility for this rests with community, parents, school staff, educational partnerships, and students. The community of West Glacier Elementary must work every day to help our young people question, invent, anticipate and dream so that they will be prepared to succeed and to make a difference. The school recognizes that a child learns best at his or her own rate according to ability and that learning is best accomplished by using a variety of teaching approaches, encouraging students to challenge themselves in a safe environment. West Glacier Elementary will provide a balanced program including academics, creative arts, physical education, and the use of technology. The following goals have been established in order for our students to learn and develop personally, academically, and socially to their highest potential.
All students will:

1. Attain high academic standards;
2. Develop personal and social responsibility;
3. Contribute responsibly to society;
4. Engage in life-long learning;
5. Effectively communicate ideas and knowledge;
6. Use problem solving skills in a changing world;
7. Challenge themselves to push past failures for ultimate success.



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