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What's New in Art and Library?

March 2014

An exciting upcoming project in art is a whole-school mural that will be displayed in the gym. Students will be learning about different types of murals, processes, and materials before creating our very own for WGE. Ideas and volunteers are welcome.

During library time, students will be exploring different types of poetry, practicing reading poems aloud, and writing some of their own. We will also be discussing how various Blackfoot Lodge Tales are important to the history of American Indians.

Miss Kempke

February 2014

Students are continuing their journey into the world of modern art and almost finished with their current projects. Classes are creating artwork that looks amazing and displays a great understanding of the concepts they have been learning. A major upcoming goal is for the students to create a whole school mural. The mural will display the students' art skills and their ability to work together to create a piece that will inspire the community.

Engaging students in reading and developing skills that will help them be successful in their future academics is the focus for February. The annual Scholastic Book Fair is February 24–27. Lots of exciting activities are being planned. There will be a sign-up sheet if anyone is interested in volunteering with setting up, during the fair, or taking down. Happy "I Love to Read Month!"

Miss Kempke

January 2014

It is exciting to be back after a refreshing break. The New Year brings new art projects. All three classes are being introduced to a modern artist who will be the inspiration for their next project. Students will find out how these artists have been affected and influenced by the communities in which they lived. The K–1 class will construct a hanging mobile after learning about the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder. Artists in Grades 2–3 are finding out about the unique style of Keith Haring and will create a cut-paper collage as well as assemble a collaborative piece. The talented students in Grades 4–6 are in the process of making a self-portrait based on the paintings of Chuck Close. I am amazed as I watch WGE students continue to instill their own creative spirit into each project.

Students are doing an awesome job in the library by taking good care of their books, returning materials on time, and learning how to use different tools to find the books they want. Upcoming activities for Grades K–1 include getting to know authors and illustrators like Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle, and also storytelling circles. Grades 2–3 are continuing to practice online research skills in addition to discussing stories they are currently reading. Students in grade 4–6 are enjoying exploring different types of books, successfully using the online card catalog, and have poetry readings in their future. Happy 2014!

Miss Kempke

December 2013

This month, one of the main topics in the art room will be, Why do people make art? Students will be exploring different cultures and techniques that shape and reflect the world around us. Artists in grades K–1 are completing an animal-hide story project inspired by American Indian pictographs. Using symbols to express ideas is a key element in making and understanding art. The artists in grades 2–3 are learning skills to help them create realistic-looking drawings. Using a one-point perspective system, students are creating a landscape that demonstrates how things that are far away look smaller and things that are closer appear larger. Grades 4–6 artists are busy making a glass mosaic. One of our volunteers, and local artist, Sue Lawrence, is donating some time and glass to help facilitate this project. Students are having great success and very excited to be working with this new medium.

Library is a time for students to explore. Students in grades K–1 are practicing alphabetizing and learning how to check out books that relate to their interests. Grades 2–3 are beginning to see how the library is used as an educational tool. Students are gaining skills to help them locate and access the Montana State Database for research. Grades 4–6 created eye-catching genre posters that are currently on display. These posters educate patrons on the different kinds of books that can be found in a library. The yearly Scholastic Book Fair has been scheduled for February 24–27, in conjunction with "I Love to Read Month."
Miss Kempke

November 2013

Creative energy is flowing at WGE. The talent of each student is evident in one successful artwork after another. Students in the K–1 class created colorful fall trees using a fun found-object printmaking process. Next, these students will be moving on to a hibernation project. The 2–3 students are almost done with an Australian Aboriginal project that they have spent a lot of time on. Students practiced animal gesture drawings, and then picked one animal to draw for their final project. They are going to be great! After exploring the world of optical illusions, where art meets math, the artists in grades 4–6 will begin three-dimensional fall trees. We also spend a few minutes each week discussing why people make art and why it is important.

All of the students at WGE have been doing a fantastic job of finding books in the library that match their interest and reading level. Each of the classes enjoyed a session of American Indian storytelling where students listened to a story and participated in a discussion about what they thought it meant. Each story helps explain a cultural aspect of a certain tribe. Currently, students are creating a bookmark that expresses their passion for reading. Also, the library will have new books to check out soon.
Miss Kempke

October 2013

As a new school year begins, I continue my quest to engage students in meaningful and multi-faceted art projects. Students will be participating in lessons that nurture a love for art, as well as strengthen their creative talents. Current projects, such as shape and color studies, sea turtles, and optical illusions, are making essential connections with science and math.

Library is off to a great start. Students are using tools like the online WGE Library Catalog to make finding books easy and fun. We are also practicing alphabetizing, analyzing stories, and using our imaginations. A new activity this year will be American Indian storytelling, once a month. The library has many great books. Please come in and check them out--literally!
Miss Kempke

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